Like ivy, we grow

I met Magda in a hip hop dance class when we were still kids. A space so extravagant and unusual for girls growing up in the Eastern European culture of early post-communism, patriarchy, catholicism and pragmatism.

She asked if I wanted her to see how she practiced spinning on her head.
I remember standing there, staring in awe at Magda, majestically spinning on her head round and round, as if all the norms and expectations preexisting for us were never there in the first place.

The coal mines, the violence, men working in mines, men working as policemen, economic struggle, police violence - in that moment it all spinned a round, blending in one long blur, a beautiful set of lines.

This was the beginning of our friendship.

Magda met Daria on instagram and they fell in love.

I watched their love flourishing, spinning and twisting, inspiring with the lack of compromise, with the boldness and bravery to live and grow unapologetically, like ivy, in the landscape full of gray.


In collaboration with Magdalena Ignaczak, Daria Jonc
With help and mentoring of Agnieszka Sosnowska

Work created

2019 - 2020