I am a storyteller working with and against the photographic medium based on critical reflection following years of documentary and portrait photographic practice. Along the photographic medium I work with visuality in a broader sense as well as with sound.

As a child I spent every summer break on my grandmother’s farm in the Eastern Poland. It was my escape from a daily life in the heavy industry coal mining landscape of my hometown, Silesia, where patriarchal approaches to life were normative and dominant. My grandmother’s farm was a place so remote that hardly any light pollution stained its skies, a place where nature was my playground, where farm animals were my companions. Being a part of this landscape taught me a great deal about my place in the universe, proximity for nature and wilderness, appreciation for night, darkness and what it represents: the unknown, the wild, the poetic, the untamed – the values I want to embrace and preserve as an artist.

A constant clash between those two realities, the narrative of functionality and pragmatism against the mysticism and sublime formed a place where I felt I belonged and I continue to seek it and address it in my artistic practice. Through incorporating various visual and sound strategies I explore tensions between reality and fiction and the line between the two is where I aim to position my practice.

I find photography to be a grounded medium which subsequently allows me to explore speculative and fictional approaches while remaining in a dialogue within the societal, real and urgent.

I consider myself to be a caring feminist and in my practice I seek nuanced ethical and inclusive approaches. I believe in collaborations and encounters based on vulnerability and authenticity rather than the genius of solitary and I consider myself and my creative work as a part of a bigger ecosystem.

In my work I explore the power of speculation and reimagining the realities we inhabit, constructing new narratives based on the informed storytelling as a tool of emancipation and subverting the binary, established perceptions.

I believe that the world we live in is a constellation full of gentle connections and the desire to discover them and make them visible is what keeps me awake at night.

Publications / Awards



2020 -

MA Photography and Society Royal Academy of Art

The Hague, Netherlands

2018 - 2019

Sputnik Mentoring Programme

Warszawa, Poland

2015 - 2017

Photography Academy

Kraków, Poland


Photograpy Course London University of Arts Central Saint Martins

London, England


Erasmus Exchange Programme

Porto, Portugal

2011 - 2013

BA, British and American Literature University of Lodz

Łódz, Poland

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