My name is Emilia Martin,
I am an artist passionate about storytelling, primarily working with media of photography, sound and writing. In my work I explore topics of myths and reimagining the realities we inhabit.

I believe that imagining, myths and storytelling are tools for weaving liveable futures. I trust that art is an effective tool for questioning and challenging narratives that are the basis for oppressive, patriarchal and damaging approaches. Through my artistic practice I aspire to offer new or alternative perspectives while remaining in the dialogue with what is considered reality.

I grew up in between two radically different realities: a remote, rural farm of my grandmother in Eastern Poland where I spent every school break, and my hometown, Silesia - a heavy industry coal mining region in the Western Poland marked by pragmatism and patriarchy. The landscape of the farm taught me about proximity to nature and what it represents: the unknown, the poetic, interconnected – the values I now embrace and preserve as an artist. A clash between these two realities, the narrative of pragmatism and oppression against the mysticism and sublime formed a place where I felt I belonged and which continues to be a ground that nurtures my artistic practice.

I am one of the founders and an active member of Radio Echo Collective (radioecho.net) - a feminist online radio platform that is dedicated to create spaces for the diversity of voices to thrive, where through the acts of togetherness, we weave the basis for the feminist futures.

I believe in collaborations and encounters based on vulnerability and authenticity and I consider myself and my creative work as a part of a bigger ecosystem. I am passionate about ecological sustainability, coexistence and learning from the natural environments.

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TRACTS University of Leiden: Archival Memories: Image, Sequence, Knowledge

Leiden, Netherlands

2022 - 23

Fotodok Lighthouse Talent

Utrecht, Netherlands

2020 - 22

MA Photography and Society Royal Academy of Art

The Hague, Netherlands

2018 - 2019

Sputnik Mentoring Programme

Warszawa, Poland

2015 - 2017

Photography Academy

Kraków, Poland


Photograpy Course London University of Arts Central Saint Martins

London, England


Erasmus Exchange Programme

Porto, Portugal

2011 - 2013

BA, British and American Literature University of Lodz

Łódz, Poland

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